WORK PACKAGE  0 – Project Preparation

Responsible beneficiary: Municipality Bovec Starting month: 9/2011 Ending month: 10/2012

Description: Joint development project is carried out through intensive coordination between all partners. The work also included the specialists in the field of SAR and sport aviation. Two separate meetings was conducted with individual project partners (Bovec, Tarcento). All preparation was done by mail, phone and skype communications tools. The final elaboration of the application form was again done by using e-communication tools.


WORK PACKAGE  1 – Crossborder Project Management and Coordination

Responsible beneficiary: Municipality BovecStarting month: 10/2012Ending month: 9/2015

The LB has the main responsibility for the transnational project management and the coordination. A good day to day management as well as emphasis on the overall co-ordination are the key features for a successful project implementation. The Lead Partner will coordinate and directing the work “steering comitee’s”, who will meet two times per year. Project management structure is composed such that one partner is responsible for the implementation of WP (WP leader). For the substantive and operational part of the project will be in charge project management experts (international experience and experience in cross-border projects). To ensure the smooth running of project activities in relation to its intended objectives and for the timely detection of potential problems regularly monitoring of activities and regular monitoring of costs will be performed. These activities will be carried out by external experts under the leadership of LB by integrating and co-operation with partners. Through direct links with all partners and the use of agreed procedures progress of project activities will be verified. In addition, experts will support the LP in the preparation, monitoring and delivery of documents necessary for project monitoring and financial reporting to management.


WORK PACKAGE  2 – Communication and Dissemination

Responsible beneficiary: Municipality BovecStarting month: 10/2012Ending month: 9/2015

This WP has to deal with two main objectives. The first is to guarantee a well functioning internal communication along the partners as a basis of a successful project process. The second is a widespread external communication strategy to ensure a sustainable impact on the project area through raising awareness and anchoring the project topics and results in the political process.  Communication and dissemination are therefore processes which are a crucial part during the whole project period. Even though it goes through different phases. At the beginning the focus lies on the definition and implementations of ways and links of communication. In a second step they have to be analyzed, evaluated and if necessary adapted. Dissemination will be an important task from the beginning on especially because the project aims to include local and regional stakeholders in several activities. Communication and dissemination on one hand contains all the communication of partners with the public and on the other hand it contains the development of the communication concept between project partners.


WORK PACKAGE  3 – Search and Rescue Networking

Responsible beneficiary: Municipality Nikšić
Starting month: 10/2012Ending month: 9/2015

WP is aimed to improv cooperation between the partners in the field of protection and rescue. Small airports are very important infrastructure facilities that enable the accommodation of the different units of S & R. At the first place is the use of helicopters for evacuation of injured, firefighting and others activities. Aero clubs, operating at the airports, can be used for the surveillance in the example of a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, ..) and for transport. – In this WP parters will perform activities in the field of trainning, best practise exchange, unification of rules and equipement of S&R units, and – Along common activites where all partners will take part there will bw activities on local level and between 2-3 partners.


WORK PACKAGE  4 – Air Networking

Responsible beneficiary: Aeronautical Union of SerbiaStarting month: 10/2012Ending month: 9/2015

Air sports may be viewed as a high-risk sports and, as with all forms of aviation, accidents are inevitable. An analysis of aviation accidents, where different actors in air traffic was involved, shows that the largest cause of these accidents is human factor. Therefore, the training of participants in air traffic, risk management and coordination between all participants is crucial to reduce the number of accidents. Achieving maximum air security, on the other hand, is economically questionable.


WORK PACKAGE  5 – Airports Infrastructure Developement

Responsible beneficiary: Municipality of Rab Starting month: 12/2012 Ending month: 9/2015

Infrastructure is a very important factor to achieve high safety levels. Airports must meet high standard requirements, which is the common problem of small airports, because they do not have sufficient financial resources. Sport airports in the Balkans / IPA Adriatic are particularly handicapped because due to war situation they were particularly vulnerable in recent years. However, most of available capacities are outdated and technically do not provide the possibilities to organize events for higher number of participants.  Natural disasters are a very frequent in IPA area with big material consequences and human casualties. In the first moments after the disaster is very important timely and rapid response of SAR units. Smaller airports, which are usually near towns, play an important role in the installation and operation of SAR aircrafts, transport of food and equipment, also in these areas may be placed the affected population. The project will enhance the capacity of airports in the SAR system by investments realized. Investment will be conducted to build up major facilities and purchase of equipment that would be used to improve our equipment in Search and Rescue actions and survey of natural disasters.