Aerotourism includes all tourism related to aviation, from transportation of tourists from their homes to the location where they going for pleasure and relaxation, in other words for tourism, through tourism and aviation aerospace tourism, then over aviation sports, aviation manifestations and the services airline operators provide, such as tourist scenic flights all the way to the aero-adrenaline activities.

At the moment, aerotourism on the island of Rab it has just started to develop. Island of Rab does not have a land airport infrastructure, but it has a floating aerodrome and has defined heliport locations. Floating aerodrome in the city of Rab was in operation from mid 1930s to mid 1950s, and it has been in operation again since October 2014, when it was re-formed by commercial coastal airline, company called European Coastal Airlines.

Taking into account tourist infrastructure and accommodation capacities on the island, this Study is describing adequate infrastructure required for the purposes of accepting different types of aircraft. By analyzing the location on the island, it was found that there is a large enough appropriate land to build an airport with a runway length of 2500 meters to accommodate a passenger aircraft with over 200 seats. However, that would require significant investments.

It was also found that due to the lack of accommodation, lack of off-season tourist entertainment programme and facilities, and having in mind that it is not in Rab best interest to develop a mass lowbudget tourism, building such a big airport would not be suitable.

This Study shows that for the purposes of developing aerotourism on the island of Rab, it is necessary to build a small economical “sports” airfield at the location that will not have an adverse impact on the the environment, but will only enrich neglected parts of land. The idea is to develop aeroturism following the module of its counterpart, nautical tourism.

Also, this Study shows that the option of having hydroplane transport is good and useful, but it can not be used as a support for development of multidisciplinary aerotourism on the island. It can only nourished one part of aeronautical system that has a very narrow purpose, and that is in the concession of a single operator, which limits the freedom of movement of participants.