Municipality Bovec (Slovenia)

Budget: € 1.317.000,00

Municipality Bovec has 12 permanent emplyees. Work within the administration is organized into six departments. Budget of the Municipality Bovec for the year 2012 was 7.117.044,84 EUR.

Municipality Bovec as the Lead partner will coordinate project preparation, arange meetings between partners and gather information to finalize the aplication form. It will also organize press conferences, final event, handel the project promotion. A part of lead partners contribution is also an investment in the Bovec airport. In the last 10 years in the frame of the earthquake reconstruction, the municipality has implemented a number of bigger public investment projects. Municipality Bovec works closely with the local Aero Club, which operates the airport Bovec and together organized several major air shows. Activities in the field of tourism and SAR are their regular occupation. Municipality is the founder of Local tourist organization in charge of tourism development in the municipality. Mayor of Bovec was Civil protection commander in the years following the earthquake in 1998.


City of Rab (Croatia)

Budget: € 729.930,00 

Municipality of Rab has 30 employees (5 managing directors, 25 office leaders and administrative staff in different fields od expertise: lawyers, financial experts, engineers, urban planners, project coordinators, social workers, projectants, etc. Municipality of Rab is owner of several public buildings, public sites (building and agricultural sites), and building premises, 3 cars, former and owner of 2 public communal companies. Budget for year 2011 is cca. 7.900.000,00 EUR.

Municipality of Rab is responsible for managing and coordination of project implementation, exchange of knowledge, joint organisation of events, attending meetings, roun-tables and seminars, joint outputs of project activities, joint preparing of needed documentations, studies, etc. Succesfully finished projects in past years were the construction of kinder-garden, sport hall, construction of sewerage system, construction of road system, modernisation of ferry port, construction of city port, conservation and reconstruction of historical houses in old city core. Currently implementing projects: construction of business zone, old people’s nursing home.


Ministry of Economy Affairs of Hercegbosnian Canton (BIH)

Budget: € 710.000,00 

Ministry of Economy Affairs of Hercegbosnian Canton has jurisdiction over following areas: industry, energy, mining, traffic, catering, tourism, trade, crafts, entrepreneurship and development. Mnistry has 20 employees and all equipment necessery for work. The budget for the year 2011 was equal to 723.297 eur.

Ministry intends with this project to support development of the sport tourism not only on its own area but on the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. Sport tourism should also support overall economic growth of the whole canton. Ministry of Economy Affairs of Hercegbosnian Canton created the Programme for the developmentof the SMEs through co-financing of interest on the investment credits, in 2004 and still ongoing. Cost of the action is 600.000 eur. Due to the fact that there is lack of production activities on the area of Herzegbosnian Canton, Ministry introduced this Programme, as a means to encourage enterpreneurs to invest their money either into some kind of production or into some kind of tourism activities.


Aeronautical Union of Serbia (Serbia)

Budget: € 530.000,00 

The Aeronautical Union of Serbia has 5 empolyess, full equiped officies, 75 aeroclubs, airport Belgrade, imovable assets: building in center of Belgrade. Its yearly budget is 550,000 EUR.

The AUS was partner in A3-NET project performed under IPA Adriatic CBC programme. It was responsible fot the organization of 14 European or World Championships in aviomodelling and paragliding. It was also organizer of 105th General Conference of FAI in October 2011. Aeronautical Union of Serbia has all the neccessary knowledge and proffesional staff trained for the preparation and implementation of international projects. Moreover the Aeronautical Union of Serbia organized FAI General Conference which was great success for all participants and partners. It has the “know how” in organization of WCh and ECh and empolyees with very high competence and capacity.


Municipality of Nikšić

Budget: € 730.000,00 

Municipality of Niksic is situated in the centre of Montenegro, with 80 000 inhabitants and territory of 2.065 square kilometers. Nikšić is cross-road in region and very important industrial centre for mining industry, the still mill, the brewery with its world famous brand of beer „Nikšićko pivo“, the wood plant, food processing and textile industry. The city is famous and important tourist centre with pleasant surroundings and it connects the seaside and north part of Montenegro. The work of municipal authorities is estimated as very efficient by european experts. The local government is organised system and it’s authorities are: the assembly,the president of Municipality and authoritise of local government. Activities of municipality and it’s bodies are financed from Budget of Nikšić,which is 30.798.567,08 € for year 2011.

Municipality of Niksic participated in the project „A3NET-construction of small airports“ and project „Reconstruction of pumping station Duklo“, which are financed through the IPA funds. Team of officials from Municipaltity of Niksic, involved in realisation and implementation of IPA projects, passed all necessary trainings, seminars, workshops, consultations. Team can facilitate cooperation with experts from different fields relevant for implementation of project.


Municipality of Tarcento (Italy)

Budget: € 250.000,00 €

The Municipality of Tarcento manages local activities of public interest, operating, among other things, in culture, tourism and public works areas. It has over 80 municipal employees and several technical facilities. Budget year 2011: € 20,408,100.00 (standing expenses € 12.55.900,00; investments € 5.274.200,00).

Tarcento is a tourist center known for its natural beauties and cultural and artistic activities. The Municipality has developed strong relationships with Austrian, Hungarian and Slovenian cultural and artistic institutions and organizations. The Municipality of Tarcento has got a long touristic experience connected to the presence of mountains and rivers. Those touristic activities need to be survey and be quickly assisted in case of emergency.


Municipality of Prijedor (BIH)

Budget: € 210.000,00 €

Municipality of Prijedor has 208 employers. All employers of municipality are working in copule of municipality department: Office of the Mayor, Department of General Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Economy and Agriculture, Department of Social Services, Department of Physical Planning, Department of Housing and Utility Services, Department of Veterans Protection, Service inspection, Communal Police Service, Professional Service of the Municipal Assembly and Mayor,Department of Administrative Affairs of the Assembly, General Affairs, Service for local communities, Department of Informatics and a many public coroporation. Municipality of Prijedor also has development agancy “PREDA” and other agency that are working in interest of municipality Prijedor. The total budget of municipality of Prijedor is 33 519,265 KM.

Planning of the investment and its implementation will be conducted in close collaboration with Bovec airport, because of their relevant experience and expertise gained through management of this type of facilities in the EU framework. When completed, the investment will create background for future activities, which are going to be organized by partner organization involved in the project. Additionally, existence on this type of facility will raise the significance of Airport “Urije” Prijedor for the region, and specifically for cross border region with Croatia.