On Saturday, 19th march  2016 in Collalto (Tarcento), was officially inaugurated the helicopter landing area realized by the Municipality of Tarcento within Project CAN (acronym for Crossborder Air Networking) financed by the IPA Adriatic Programme 2007-2013.

The event was attended by local authorities, project partners, volunteers of the local Civil Protection, Fire Brigade coming from Bovec (Slovenia) and citizens of Tarcento.

The program of the day was animated by the air shows of so called “Team Paramotoristi Audaci”(a kind of paragliding with motor) and landing helicopter of the Regional Civil Protection.

The spring weather and clear skies made it even more spectacular.

“Team Paramotoristi Audaci” have performed in evolutions and figures with music and coloured the sky above Collalto with coloured smoke and a spectacular shower of multicoloured streamers.

The arrival and landing of Regional Civil Protection helicopter offered a practical demonstration of a possible landing on new area, which was realized just for emergencies use.

The helicopter after landed remained open and available to the public to see it up close and make photos and this was very attractive, interesting and appreciated, especially by children.

This successful event concluded gracefully the significant project C.A.N. with officially opening the activity of the helicopter landing area and the adjoining building to the first rescue that will become very important structures to ensure added security to the population of Tarcento.


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