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Island Rab is one of the most popular tourist destination on  the Adriatic coast. It is located in the northwestern part of the Adriatic in  Kvarner archipelago. The island is inhabited by around 10.000 inhabitants and  occupies an area of 90,8 square kilometers.

The seat of the island is town Rab,  a historical monument of culture, with rich building heritage from the antique  to middle age. The other parts of island are settlements Palit, Barbat, Banjol,  Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Mundanije and Lopar and 10 uninhabited islands which  belong to Rab archipelago: Goli otok, sv. Grgur, Maman, Laganj veli, Laganj  mali, Dolfin veli, Dolfin mali, Trstenik, Dolin and sv. Juraj.

The whole Rab  archipelago occupies a territory of 115,62 square kilometers. Rab has a very  pleasant Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and pleasant, warm summers.  With an average of 93 clear sunny days, it belongs to the sunniest parts of  Europe. Rab is one of the greenest Adriatic islands, as 40% of its surface is  covered by woods. Natural and cultural preserves, beautiful coastline with  amazing beaches abounding in natural harbours and countless bays, ports and  marinas, crystal clear water are the highest value of Rab’s area and local  community gives a particular attention to environmental protection.

Natural and historical heritage along with cultural and sport life which is  rich and creative in many different venues offers various ways of relaxing. All  this advantages positioned Rab as a strong tourism destination which has more  than 120 years long tradition in tourism industry and nowadays belongs to the  top Europe’s destinations. Beside tourism, the main economic activities are  agriculture, trade and traffic. Island Rab is connected to the mainland with ferry, which junction to the  Adriatic road and highway.

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Building of airport on Rab is based on the Strategy of Air Traffic Development  of Republic of Croatia. According to the Spatial Plan of Rab, made by Croatian  Urban Institute the macro location of future airport is determined to be on the  southeast part of the island near the ferry port.

According to the preliminary studies, the airport is designed to be  international airport, with runway in lenght of 1.700 m and 45 m width. It will  be equipped for landing of air crafts up to 150 seats. The total annual  transfer of passengers is estimated in the range of 50.000 passengers (targeted  to European market) and up to 75.000 passengers with the market of Far East and  Russia. The airport will allow possibility of landing of goods-transport air  crafts for economic and commercial purposes, as well as the other services:  aircrafts maintenance and parking in hangars, training of pilots and personnel,  air-sport activities, air-taxi, search&rescue flights, fire-fighting  service, panoramic flights etc. The airport will be equipped with 500 parking  places, first-aid and fire brigade service, customs service, rent-a-car, taxi,  restaurant and catering, information, wardrobe, waiting rooms and other  services according to the international airport laws.