Nikšić is the second largest town in Montenegro, and the Municipality of Nikšić as the largest one in Montenegro, covers an area of 2065 km2, which presents 14,95% of its territory and has more than 70 000 inhabitants.

Nikšić is cross-road in region and it is very important industrial centre. The most important businesses include: mining industry, the still mill, the brewery with its world famous brand of beer “Nikšićko pivo”, the wood plant, food processing and textile industries. Our city is famous and important tourist centre with pleasant surroundings and it connects the seaside and northern part of Montenegro. Nikšić has always been a health centre for the region. It is also a sport centre whit many sporting facilities.

Regarding the cultural and historical treasure located in Nikšić plain, the most distinguishing tourist objects are Roman Bridge, Tsar’s Bridge, Tower, Museum and King Nikola’s Castle, prehistoric site Red Rock which together with picnic areas near lakes Krupac and Slano and ski centre Vučje make a tourist offer complete.

Municipality of Nikšić has very good cooperation with international organizations and institutions. They provide the realization of some very important projects for our Municipality. Beside this but not less important are A3-NET and CAN projects – reconstruction of airports.

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A sport airport Kapino Polje is located in about 3 km from center of town. It was built before 70 years, and during decades it was center for trainings for pilots as well as school for parachuting. As it known, in 2010 year Nikšić was the host of 31st World Championship in parachuting and 6th World Championship for juniors. The reconstruction of the airport had begun nearly before this two events. Then were also finished runway (1.450 m x 30m – 43.500 m2), taxiway TWY B (5.206,95 m2) and hangar (1.926,95 m2).

Two taxiways (TWY A and TWY C) and two platforms ( AP2′ and AP3), within the project A3-NET in which the Municipality of Nikšić is partner and financed from CBC Programme IPA Adriatic, have been done. Within CAN project, Municipality of Nikšić intends to do PSS earthy-grassy pavement construction and 2 joints.

Construction of this airport, in accordance with the highest standards, with appropriate climate conditions, will enable development of business, taxi, school and sport aviation, gliding and parachuting, which will make great contribution in sense of valorization of tourism potential of the Municipality of Nikšić.