Prijedor city is located in the north-west part of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the riverbanks of Sana and Gomjenica as well as on the hills which descend Kozara mountain into Prijedor valley. The area of Prijedor municipality encompasses 834 km², and the town itself is situated at an altitude of 135 m. Prijedor municipality is the second municipality in Republic of Srpska according to both its size and the number of its inhabitants. According to the estimation, presenty, there are around 105.000 inhabitants living in the area of Prijedor municipality, of whom 48%  are urban and 52% are rural.

Mountain Kozara is a Dinaric mountain with the highest peaks Lisina at an altitude of 978 m and Rudine at 920 m covered by forest, an air spa which offers all conditions for sports and recreational activities during the whole year.

National Park Kozara, sized 3,494.51 ha, was established in 1967 with the aim of protecting Kozara mountain and its cultural, historical and natural values.Central part of the National Park and Kozara mountain is the area of Mrakovica, with its flat plateaus at an altitude from 700 to 800 m. In the area of Mrakovica a memorial has been built in honour of soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.

The Sana river springs up near Medna in Ribnik municipality and it flows into the Una river in Novi Grad municipality. It is 138m long and its course connects six municipalities, which are Ribnik, Kljuc, Sanski Most, Ostra Luka, Prijedor and Novi Grad.

In the area of Prijedor municipality there are 4 lakes:

  • Sanicani, an artificial lake – fishpond;
  • Ljubija, an artificial lake;
  • Tomasica, is located 20 km south of Prijedor;
  • Gradina, is located 25 km south east of Prijedor.

Culture and art comprises a lot of cultural activities related to tradition and cultural values. These activities also include activities of cultural associations, theatres, libraries, galeries, museums and cinemas as well as different events.

Prijedor municipality has a huge number of tourist potentials that enable development of different types of tourism. Considering the fact that tourism represents one of the most developed economic sectors in the world as well as the fact that Prijedor has a huge number of tourist potentials, significant preconditions for important tourism development in Prijedor municipality have been established. Prijedor, with its important natural resources, starting with Kozara mountain, the Sana river, numerous picnic areas and places settled for tourist stay, enables development of different types of tourism.

There are several sports clubs and associations in Prijedor, as well as Sports and Recreational Centre in Benkovac, stadium and a sports and tenis halls, which provide enjoyment of sport during the whole year.

For extreme sports lovers there is small sports airport „Urije“ in Prijedor. Sports event International open Petrovdan Parachute Cup is held every year in July since 1996. The organiser of this sports event is the Aero-club Prijedor, established in 1952. Participants in this manifestation are the parachutists from different countries, and competitions are organised in various categories such as women, men, juniors and teams.

Aero klub Prijedor is honored sport association which confirmed their quality with the numbers of sport achievements from the competitions in aeronautical sports in the country and abroad. This aero club has the first verified aviation school for training of parachutists, sailplane and sport plane pilots up to the position od the teacher in the Republic of Srpska.

Prijedor kruzni tok          AK PRIJEDOR (120)

 Traffic roundabout at the entrance to the city (left) and Airport „Urije“ (right)

1043937_487645474649475_938089351_n          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Parachute jump at the International open parachute Cup Petrovdan (left) and Utva 75 E7 PDB (right)

AK PRIJEDOR (5)           neimenovana

 Towing of the glider Blanik L 13 with the Utva 75 (left) and Pedestrian street in the city (right)