“The Aeronautical Union of Serbia” is located in 4/1 Uzun Mirkova Street, in building built by the pilots for their purposes. The name of the building is “Dom Aerokluba”. As an active member of FAI, “Aeronautical Union” of Serbia is consisted of 70 organizations (aeroclubs, territorial unions and profession unions with around 2500 members). Union`s and its organizations` activities consists of: aviation, modelling, parachuting, gliding, rotorcraft flying, ultralight aircraft flying, hang gliding, paragliding, ballooning and other aviation activities related to aeronautical sports.

Within these activities “Aeronautical Union of Serbia”, with its members, organize and maintain aviation sports competitions and other events in the air. The Union also selects and prepares athletes for participation at international competitions. The clubs, as Union`s members, are used to prepare and train the young staff necessary to our sport, civil and military aviation. Every year, “Aeronautical Union of Serbia” awards “The Golden Eagle” to the best aeronautical athletes at a few sports activities, and to the best Union`s athlete. The Union also operates the sport airport Lisičiji Jarak.

Belgrade – Lisičji Jarak Sport Airport  is located only 16 km to the north of the city centre and 12 km from the Pančevo Bridge, which is near Padinska Skela, off the motorway leading to Zrenjanin. The airport  is situated on 164 ha. It consistes of two 1000 x 40 m grassy runways stretching along the 15 – 33 direction.

Its infrastructure comprises two hangars (cca 870 m2 ) adequate for the placement of ten sport aircraft,  an annexe with offices,  an infirmary, additional facilities, a fuel warehouse, residential buildings for the stuff and a restaurant. The spacious taxiways and the apron can accomodate dozens of aircraft. The airport has been registered for VFR flights during daytime hours.

There are three aeronautical schools and  two sport parachuting schools operating within the airport. It’s been also used by numerous athletes and individuals who use their own devices – planes, ultralight aircraft or powered hang gliders, and by two enterpises authorized for air services.

Considering the everyday congestion of Nikola Tesla Airport, the building  of a concrete runway on Lisičji Jarak , along with  a police and customs branch-office,  the traffic of light and business aviation would be provided with a comfortable airport with a fast and efficient trasport of passengers and goods. The airport is opened 24/7, throughout the whole year, depending on weather conditions.

The vicinity of the motorway and thefuture  bridge over the Danube will certainly add to the excellent prospects of  Lisičji Jarak.


Jarak hangar   office na jarku   Jarak 11

Sportski aerodrom Lisicji Jarak u Beogradu iz vazduha   jarak modeli   Jarak4 bazela