CAN: Crossborder Air Networking

Project is based on the cooperation between partners from six countries from the eligible area of the IPA Adriatic cross-border cooperation programme – Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Project “CAN” is substantive and qualitative upgrading of the international project “A3-NET”, which is being implemented under IPA Adriatic. Project partners decided to continue the cooperation in the field of aviation. Two additional partners (City of Prijedor and Municipality Tarcento) had been included in the project, while the Lead partner (Municipality Bovec) is the same as in the project “A3-NET”.

The idea is to strengthen and integrate existing infrastructure of small airports, which will lead to revival of connections in the Adriatic area and primarily between areas of partner’s airports. The overall objective of the project “CAN” is to modernize and to improve of small airports facilities and to establish better conditions for providing Search and Rescue measures and better performing Air Safety and Security measures.

Search and Rescue (SAR) measures dealing with natural disasters gain in importance in modern society. The project aims to increase the compatibility of SAR units particularly in those areas, which include the use of small airports and air units participation.

Air sports may be viewed as high-risk sports and, as with all forms of aviation, accidents are inevitable. An analysis of aviation accidents, where different actors in air traffic was involved, shows that the largest cause of these accidents is human factor. Therefore, the training of participants in air traffic, risk management and coordination between all participants is crucial to reduce the number of accidents.

Investment on 7 airports/heliports will be conducted to build up major facilities and purchase of equipment that would be used to improve equipment in Search and Rescue actions and survey of natural disasters.


Project Partnership