CAN »Crossborder Air Networking« CAN, 13.12.2013, Prot. Nr. 3512-04/2012-118

In front of you is the first Newsletter, which was prepared under the Project CAN “Crossborder Air Networking”.

Project is based on the cooperation between partners from six countries from the eligible area of the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme – Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Project in amount of 4.476.930,00 € started in October 2012 and it will last until the end of September 2015.  The overall objective of the project is to modernize and to improve small airports facilities and to establish better conditions for providing Search and Rescue measures and better performing Air Safety and Security measures which will be achieved through different project activities, based on education and training. Project “CAN” is substantive and qualitative upgrading of the international project “A3-NET”, which is being implemented under CBC IPA Adriatic Programme. Project partners, on the basis of good results of the previous project, decided to continue the cooperation in the field of aviation. Two additional partners had been included in the project.

Lead partner of the project is Municipality Bovec (Slovenia), which is going to upgrade the airport infrastructure with new Warehouse for civil protection and airport needs and a heliport. The contract for construction works has been signed on the 5th of December 2013 with SGP Zidgrad, in amount of 700.000,00 EUR. Second project partner, City of Rab (Croatia), will grade access road to airport and prepare a building site for airport; third partner, Hercegbosnian Kanton Livno, will construct an asphalt runway, apron and connection road; fourth partner, Aeronautical Union of Serbia, will prepare documentation for asphalt runway on the airport Lisičji jarak and build airport fence and security system and make ambulance room; fifth partner, Municipality Nikšić will build the PSS earthy-grassy pavement construction and two administrative joints; sixth partner, Municipality Tarcento, will modernize heliport; and seventh partner, Municipality Prijedor, will build hangar on the airport Urije and invest in SAR equipment.


CAN project team

Kick off Meeting in Bovec

The first Kick off meeting of the project Cross-border Air Networking  took place in Bovec, on the 24th and 25th January 2013. Project partners participated in constructive discussions and they submitted certain suggestions regarding project activities and reviewed project plan for the following period. Within the Kick-off meeting, Municipality Bovec organized press conference, also attended by all project partners and local public. The meeting finished with visiting the airport in Bovec.

The meeting was attended by project managers of all seven partners and also by prominent figures from their organizations, namely the Minister of the Ministry of Economy Affairs of Hercegbosnian Canton – Anka Papag-Dodig, Secretary of Aeronautical Union of Serbia – Željko Ovuka, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Tarcento – Sergio Ganzitti and the Head of Administration of Municipality Rab – Vanja Seršić.


Operative Meeting in Bovec

The second operative meeting of the project CAN was held on the 6th and 7th of June 2013 in Bovec. It was attended by partners from Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Partners discussed the project progress and made a review on the implemented activities. They also agreed on future activities and events that will take place until the end of this year. Parallel to the meeting, a three-day workshop for firefighters »Forest firefighting, Search and rescue in high mountains and Rescue from rivers« held on the 6th, 7th and 8th June 2013. It was organized within the project A3-NET and visited also by the representatives of the project partners at some points.

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Press conference in Bovec                                Operative meeting in Bovec


3rd Partnership Meeting in Prijedor

The third partnership meeting of the project CAN  was held in the premises of the Municipality of Prijedor, on the 14 th and 15 th of November, 2013. It was attended by partners from Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All the partners individually presented their completed activities and procedures in progress and they set dates of the future events that will take place next year.

The partners of the project CAN concluded their gathering by visiting some local attractions, which was organized by representatives of the Municipality Prijedor and a local tourist guide from the National Park “Kozara” and Museum “Kozara”.


3rd Partnership meeting in Prijedor

 In collaboration with Aeroklub Prijedor, Municipality of Prijedor organized a guided tour on the airport Urije, and presented the existing airport infrastructure. Partners could see the grassy runway, which measures 1000 m x 25 m and two hangars with one private airplane and eight sport aircraft, owned by Aeroclub Prijedor. At the entrance of the airport, another hangar with connecting apron will be constructed within the project CAN.

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 Visit to Aeroklub “Prijedor” at small airport “Urije”     Visit to Aeroklub “Prijedor” at small airport “Urije”




The Project “CAN” on a small airport “Urije” in Prijedor of investment works in the plan is to build a new hangar area of ​​300 m2, platform, as well as fencing for the space hangar complex. In addition to infrastructure investment project has planned the investment in the form of procurement of special equipment for aircrafts of airport “Urije” and Aero-club “Prijedor” (radio, ELT’s, meteorological equipment for airport, surveillance cameras, etc.). An important component of this project are the activities that will take place at the airport, “Urije” through which is planned to include the aviation and representatives of organizations and institutions of the Republic of Srpska and of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Project Partner Cities.

AK PRIJEDOR (120)                  Brez naslova1

 Airport „Urije“ in Prijedor, BiH             Design concept of the new hangar at the airport „Urije“



SAR simulation with the high school students of Prijedor

The first activity organized by the city of Prijedor, in cooperation with the Aero Club of Prijedor, is an educational exercise simulation of SAR (search and rescue) for high school students of Prijedor, which was held on 10 September 2013th at the Airport Urije. The simulation has started within the prescribed period with the presence of all the participants and invitees simulation – the representatives of the airport Urije, Aero-club Prijedor, National Park Kozara, RCC BiH, as well as high school students Prijedor (Hospitality-Economics School of Prijedor and Medical Technology and building school Prijedor), representatives of the City of Prijedor and project team members. Official opening of the project “CAN”, on behalf of the City Mayor of Prijedor, was given by the Deputy Mayor of Prijedor, Mr. Milenko Djaković.

The program continued with the following presentations: Project CAN; Aero-club Prijedor – history and school for youth and SAR service BH. Within the flight program participated the Aeroclub Prijedor pilot of glider with engine, then the pilot of glider and two other pilots. Participants were provided with promotional materials. The representatives of Fire territorial unit Prijedor demonstrated their willingness and skills in search and rescue situations. Representatives of the National Park Kozara supported the activity by reconnaissance the aircraft fire over Kozara, specifically in the National Park. The representatives of SAR services from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina supported the actions with their knowledge and skills. The media have recorded this event and took statements from the Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Aero-club “Prijedor”, as well as two high school students.

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     Simulation of SAR with high school students         Introducing aircrafts to the high school students




Within the CAN project, Municipality of Nikšić is planning to organize few very interest activities, like Open Montenegrin championship in para-ski, round table about SAR, demonstration of rescue and first aid. In this project Municipality of Nikšić has task to make evaluation of the existing SAR rules and procedures carried out and to prepare proposals on common policies and strategies improvements.

Municipality Nikšić intends to build the PSS earthy-grassy pavement construction, which measures 1200 m x 50 m, and two administrative joints. The main purpose of the investment is to perform sports activities, training for engine flight, gliding, landing and take-off motor dragons and ultra light airplanes. Project CAN represents the third phase of the reconstruction of the airport Kapino Polje in Nikšić.

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           Airport Kapino Polje                      Modernisation of airport infrastructure




Within the CAN project, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Herzegbosnian canton plans to construct airport fence, access road, apron, connection road to runway and runway.

Last summer, they conducted tender procedure for the airport fence, and in November they successfully finished the investment. Airport fence has two entrances and total length of 3.300 meters.

Also in November, they started the new tender procedure for the access road to the airport. Contract signing and construction works should start in December.

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 The airport fence                                    The construction site