Ministry of Economic Affairs of Herzegbosnian Canton has been established in the year 1999. It is one of the eight ministries of the Government of Herzegbosnian Canton. Ministry has following areas under its competence: industry, energy, mining, traffic, catering, tourism, trade, crafts, entrepreneurship and development. It has 20 employees. Budget of the Ministry for the year 2011 was equal to 723.297 euros and budget of the whole Government was equal to 33.376.651 euros.


Herzegbosnian Canton is consisted of 6 municipalities: Livno, Tomislavgrad, Kupres, Glamoc, Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar. It is one of ten cantons of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated at the middle-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the border with Republic of Croatia. Herzegbosnian Canton has surface of 4.934 km2 or 19% of the territory of Federation of BiH. Population of canton is some what more than 84.000 inhabitants.


Natural and geographic characteristics of this areas are diverse, from the fertile fields to vast pastures, rivers and lakes until the centuries old deciduous and conifer forests, which all provide abundant possibilities for life and economic prosperity based on agricultural production, cattlebreading and forest industry. Ecologically clean and untouched nature, mild continental climate, geographical position and closeness to as well as good traffic connectivity with neighboring Republic of Croatia, are all important indicators for the economic prosperity of this area.

tomislavgrad iz zraka kupres


Ministry has three crossborder cooperation projects at the phase of implementation. Two projects are co-financed through SEE programme (SARMa and FINNO) and one project is co-financed through IPA Adriatic programme (A3-NET). Project Sustainable Aggregates Resource Management (SARMa) has been implemented from the May 2009 and lasts until December 2011. There are 14 different partners from 10 different EU andnon-EU countries.  Value of the ministry’s budget is equal to 59.000 euros. Project Mechanism for fostering innovation in South East Europe (FINNO) started March 2011 and will last until February 2014. Ministry’s budget is equal to 69.000 euros. There are 15 different partners from 10 different EU and non-EU countries. Project Strengthening and NET working of small Airport facilities in Adriatic areas has been implemented from the February 2010 and budget of the ministry is equal to 196.100 euros. At the moment two new projects are being prepared for the Call Cross-border cooperation BiH – Croatia.

Airfield Brda near Livno

Airport Brda is situated at the municipality of Livno, at the south-east side of Livanjsko field, about 10 kilometers away from the town of Livno. It is small airport for the aircrafts up to 5700 kg of weight. It has fourregistered grass runaways in the length of 850, 750, 1100 and 600 meters. On the airport there are following facilities: hangar with the dimensions 35×13, coffee bar, classroom, offices, bedrooms and modeling workshop.

glide cup livno glide cup livno 2

Due to the very beneficial meteorological condition sessential activity of the airport is gliding. Many testify that that is the most beautiful way of flying when pilot and glider merge into one in the search for heights and distances, using air currents, wind and thermal air lift, without noise of the engine, only with the sound of the wind. Flying with the winds in the beautiful Dinaric area, above the lakes and forests is a challenge and enjoyment, that only gliding can provide. Flights can last even for several hours with hundreds of kilometers of overflights, which depend on the skills and knowledge of the pilot.

Airport is situated at the ideal position for gliding, as it is at least 100 kilometers away from each international airport in BiH, thus flying boats cannot interfere with regular traffic on these airports.
School for flying educates pilots of the gliders for GPL (glider pilot license), as well as it provides training for basic and advanced acrobatic flying, flyingin IMC, flying by night, as well as it gives authorizations for a teachers of gliding.

Aeroplans in the aeroclub are beingused for: basic training of the members of the aeroclub, barge of the gliders, towing of commercials and panoramic flights and for providing assistance in SAR services.

Since its beginning aeroclub has been providing training for the sport pilots. Since the year 2008 it has registered flight school to European standards and it has been providing training for PPL(A) (Private Pilot Licence) by JAR FCL1. Activities of the aeroclub also include modeling and aeromodelling. Sincetheyear 2010 aeroclub have started organizing competition in gliding called Livno Glide Cup which has been very well accepted in the region.

olg hangar new hangar